Kung Fury is the most awesome not awesome thing ever


The 80s were awesome for action movies, but not as awesome as they could have been with today’s technology (or really 15 years ago technology). Enter Kung Fury, a action parody film trying to get some footing over on Kickstarter. It looks incredibly insane and insanely incredible all at the same time. It is, indeed, a totally rad trailer.

The plan at the moment is to develop a 30 minute movie and then if they get enough money stretch it out to a feature. That sounds rad as well, but in reality I’m guessing this is one of those things that only works as a trailer. The 30 minute film could still carry itself, maybe, but a full length movie really wouldn’t. You can support it if you wish, but don’t come crying to me when the movie doesn’t turn out as awesome as the trailer is. 

Matthew Razak
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