LA friends: See Silent House for free!


I’m super pumped for Silent House. Not only is it a horror movie starring Elizabeth Olsen, who’s really blown my mind after her performance in the terrific Martha Marcy May Marlene, but it’s also presented as a single, uninterrupted take. That’s a ninety minute movie all in one shot. If that’s not even a little exciting to you, you should probably be reading a different website. It’s just not working out between us, and it’s definitely you, not me. 

Anyway, we’ve got 100 two-person passes to an early screening of Silent House for February 27th at the Century City AMC in Santa Monica, and we want all of you to get them! It’s wicked easy. All you have to do is click on this happy-go-lucky link right here. Am I using “happy-go-lucky” incorrectly? Probably. Anyway, click on the link, redeem your pass, and you’re gold! Just make sure you arrive at the theater in advance, as Gofobo screenings are often full past capacity, and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I’ll be catching the movie on Thursday, and we’ll be posting a review closer to the film’s theatrical release. If you catch the screening, tweet at us and tell us what you thought, or write a review in the community blogs!