LA friends: see The Sitter for free and early

0 has hooked us up once again with 25 tickets to an awesome movie. This time around its The Sitter starring Jonah Hill and a bunch of kids. This might be your last chance to see Jonah Hill on the big screen as a fat guy so you better grab the tickets quick. It may also turn out to be a really funny movie so that’s a great plus as well.

Remember that seating is first come, first serve at these things even if you have the pass so get their early and bring your 3DS or something so the waiting isn’t too much of a pain. All the info you need is below. Just head over to Gofobo and put in the unique code and you’ll be gravy… a food skinny Jonah Hill probably doesn’t eat at all.

Gofobo code: FLXTGUV5

Screening info:

Thursday, December 8

AMC Century City 15

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA


Matthew Razak
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