LA friends: See We Bought a Zoo for free next week!


I’m excited for We Bought a Zoo entirely because it’s a Cameron Crowe movie. If this exactly same movie was made, and it had, say, Alexander Payne’s name on it, I wouldn’t be as excited. No disrespect to Alexander Payne, as I loved his last movie, but Cameron Crowe brought us Say Anything and Almost Famous, two of my favorite movies. Lloyd Dobler, man. Lloyd Dobler.

At any rate, we have a code for your folks in the Los Angeles area to see his new movie on December 19th, four days before release, completely for free! All you have to do is go to and RSVP with the code found after the cut. Make sure to line up early, though, as Gofobo screenings are always overbooked, and if you don’t arrive early, you might not get in. The film will play at the Grove Stadium 14 at The Grove, so check out their awesome Christmas display while you’re there. Yes, I know I’m Jewish and shouldn’t care. Christmas is awesome, though.

Check out the flick, and write us a review in the c-blogs!

Gofobo code: FLXTUX1U


Monday, December 19th

The Grove Stadium 14

189 The Grove Drive

Los Angeles, CA