LA: Join us, AICN, and Screamfest for The Loved Ones!

[Update! We’ve EASILY broken the 50 RSVP threshold, so the screening is on for sure! We’ve only got 78 seats left for this midnight show, so buy your tickets now! Also, the venue has changed, due to circumstances beyond our control, to the Chinese 6. To be clear we are not at the New Beverly or the Downtown Independent. If you have bought a ticket, Tugg should be contacting you regarding the update.]

We’ve got yet another awesome exclusive screening through for all our readers in Los Angeles. We’re partnering with the awesome people at Ain’t It Cool News and Screamfest LA to bring Los Angeles an exlcusive screening of The Loved Ones, the trailer of which is live right now over at Apple Trailers. The Loved Ones, screened only at film festivals domestically, is about a young girl who asks a boy to prom. When the boy says no, she responds in the only rational possible way: kidnapping him, torturing him, and having her daddy throw them their very own little prom! How sweet!

We’re showing this bad boy at midnight on June 1st at the Downtown Independent, one of my favorite theaters in the city. All you need to do is reserve your tickets at the event page at Tugg, where tickets are only nine dollars. Now, we’re fully expecting this screening to sell out very fast, so make sure to RSVP early! We’re going to have some neat surprises at the screening that I’ll be revealing as the clock ticks closer to midnight June 1st.

Hope to see you there!