Lady Gaga documentary in the works


A documentary about Lady Gaga is now in the works, which will chronicle her life as well as the creation of her forthcoming album, Artpop. (Oh, I get it… how drôle.) The film will be made by Terry Richardson, who you may know better as that skeevy-looking fashion photographer guy. Gaga took to Twitter on Christmas Day to announce the project:

Merry Christmas little monsters! Terry Richardson @Terry_World is making a #LadyGagaMOVIE documenting my life, the creation of ARTPOP + you!

I’ve always had this weird ambivalence about Lady Gaga the persona. Her music is a lot of fun and she’s a talented songwriter, but I keep going back and forth on her shtick. It just seems like a riff on David Bowie, Madonna, and Klaus Nomi, but without any of the novelty or substance — like Ke$ha, it’s persona for persona’s sake. Though, even if it bothers me for some inexplicable reason, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. I think this just means I’m an old man.

No release date or any other details have been revealed. Expect some more information as we near the release of Artpop in the spring.

[Lady Gaga on Twitter via The Hollywood Reporter]

Hubert Vigilla
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