Laika puppets and art sold in auction for up to $50k


This past month, Laika recently wrapped up a touring gallery of original art, posters, props, and puppets from their animated features.  You know, those last few critically acclaimed stop-motion films of the past few years like Coraline, ParaNorman, and most recently, The Boxtrolls.  The films have garnered quite the legion of devoted fans, fans who were willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars in an auction to get many of these original pieces of art once the gallery wrapped up.

All lots in the auction run by Heritage Auctions managed to sell and find new homes.  The puppets used in the actual films were the biggest sellers with twenty selling for around $10,000 each, and twelve selling for over $20,000.  Other lots including production art and limited print promotional materials also sold very well.

The highest selling puppet was one of the memorably freakish Other Mother from Coraline which sold for around $50,000 aloneAll sorts of characters from all three films were on sale and now serve as a conversation starter in a living room or nightmare fuel in a child’s room somewhere, no doubt.

If you guys had the money, which puppet would you have set your sights on?  Personally, I probably would’ve gone for that zombie judge from ParaNorman or lead troll Fish from The Boxtrolls.

[via Cartoon Brew]