Laika releases adorable character posters for The Boxtrolls


If you aren’t excited about The Boxtrolls, you should be. Laika, the animation studio that’s brought us stop-motion gems like Coraline and Paranorman, is currently working on The Boxtrolls, a movie set in the fictional Cheesebridge, a town where wealth, class and cheese are of utmost importance. The classy town of Cheesebridge is plagued however, by a community of cavern-dwelling trolls who come out at night to steal their precious cheese… and their children. At least, that’s what the folks of Cheesbridge say about the Boxtrolls.

In reality, the nocturnal trolls are lovable goofballs who just love to rummage through trash to find mechanical do-dads for their underground contraptions. The misunderstood Boxtrolls even adopted an orphan human boy, whom they named Eggs.

Laika has released four new posters, each featuring a Boxtroll. They’re adorably named after whatever happens to be on their cardboard box, which all the Boxtrolls wear like turtle shells. Laika has produced some of the best and most unique animated movies in recent years, and The Boxtrolls is definitely on my to-watch list. The Boxtrolls will release in theaters on September 26th, 2014.