Larry David will dress up like a nun for your enjoyment



I had to read this a couple times before it set in, but it’s true. Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be joining the cast of the Farrelly Brothers’s upcoming Three Stooges movie, joining Will Sasso as Curly, Sean Hayes as Larry, and Chris Diamantopolous as Moe. However, as opposed to playing some sort of angry old man, he’ll in fact be playing an angry old nun. Yes, this is the place you’ve always been waiting for. Where you can see Larry David dressed as a nun. His character, the fantastically-named Mother Mengele, will be the headmistress at the orphanage where the Stooges grew up.

Seriously, you guys. Larry David as a nun. I don’t care how many bad movies the Farrellys have made over the past few years. This just became a must see.

[Via Collider]