Last Christmas trailer delivers the entire movie and lots of cliches


How do you follow up your groundbreaking work on one of the most culturally important shows of all time? With a holiday themed romantic comedy, of course! That’s the tact Emilia Clarke seems to be taking with Last Christmas, though, in fairness, she’s not really in control of its release date. 

Last Christmas - Official Trailer

The first trailer of the Paul Feig directed film lacks almost any originality we’d come to expect from the director, who use to do interesting things, but more and more seems content to ride out Bridesmaids to the bitter end. We’ve got all the basics for a feel-good rom-com that may play well but doesn’t look to be doing anything actually interesting. There’s a deeper emotional punch, two ridiculously good looking people, and the possible reveal of a twist ending in which the guy was a creepy stalker all along. 

Thankfully, we also have the music of George Michael, which makes nearly anything better.

Last Christmas will enter our cynical hearts on November 8, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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