Last Exorcism director to direct Game of Death remake


I really enjoyed The Last Exorcism. It was moody, atmospheric, smart, and had a great WTF end that leaves your jaw on the floor. Imagine my delight upon hearing that The Last Exorcism director, Daniel Stamm, will be directing an American remake of 13: Game of Death, one of my favorite Thai horror-thrillers!

13: Game of Death tells the story of Phuchit Puengnathong, a man who is led through thirteen increasingly bizarre and eventually dangerous challenges to win a large sum of money while being filmed and broadcast on a website called 13. The challenges range from killing (and eating) a fly, to eating feces, to assault and more. It was a spontaneous buy and I was thrilled to find that it was a pretty great film.

Stamm and his writing partner David Birke are working on the script and plan to begin production in early 2012. My other favorite Asian horror film, A Tale of Two Sisters, got a fairly decent American remake, so fingers crossed that Game of Death will be as nasty as the original.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]