Last Exorcism sequel is a thing that is happening


Last year, The Last Exorcism raised some buzz for turning a $61 million profit on a $1.6 million budget film. Eli Roth’s name and a Twitter campaign may have helped, but the refreshing take on the tired tropes of “found footage” films and exorcism/demon plots were surely responsible for filling those seats. It managed to make a fan out of me despite my avid hatred for the Paranormal Activity, and it seems to have made fans out of Lionsgate as they are going ahead with producing a sequel. Financing has been secured and they are set to start filming in the fall. Though there’s no word if director Daniel Stamm will return, newbie writer Damien Chazzelle has already been signed to pen the script. As for how they’ll explain why The Last Exorcism wasn’t really the last excorcism, who knows.

Wait a minute. Damien Chazzelle. Why does that name sound familar? FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]