Last Exorcism sequel plot details are here, sound bleh


I’ve gotten some flack for my love of The Last Exorcism, a faux documentary about a jaded holy man setting out to show that exorcisms are a big sham and people can and will get hurt during them. Things get weird and by the end it goes full-blown Blair Witch. I liked the cast, loved the tone, and was tickled by the OMGWTF of the end. Having made over 67 million on less than two million dollars, a sequel was inevitable. And also unnecessary. Want some plot details for that sequel? You may find yourself wishing the answer was, “No.”

Bloody Disgusting reports:

The sequel follows Nell (Ashley Bell) who, six months after the first film’s events, has move to a halfway house only to realize that the demon that has ruined her life is still after her! Without giving anything away, the sequel takes an interesting romantic approach that’s spun around Nell’s new boyfriend, Chris. A subplot is that Bell is also targeted by a group of rogue Reverends who mean to kill her. The twist is something never beforeseen in an exorcism film.

Sigh. Hollywood, you’re a bunch of jerks.

[Via Bloody-Disgusting]