Last week for Avengers: Infinity War to be on top?


As you would expect thanks to no competition and resound populatrity, Avengers: Infinity War landing back on top of the box office this weekend. The movie only dropped a respectable 46.1 percent in its third frame, and open with a fantastic $200 million in China. It is now the fifth highest grossing film world-wide, and is currently on track to cross the $2 billion mark, a feat only three other films have accomplished — AvatarTitanic, and The Force Awakens

The real test for it will be Deadpool 2 opening next week. With some real competition in the exact same genre we’ll be able to see how Infinity War‘s legs are and thus how well it will do both domestically and globally. It’ll have to stand up pretty strong to hope to out earn the forever legs of Black Panther, but it could do it. And don’t misinterpret this as the film under performing in any way. This is more of a discussion of if it will make a stupid amounts of money or really stupid amounts of money. Either way, Disney will be Scrooge McDucking it for years to come off this box office.

1. Avengers: Infinity War – $61,817,000
2. Life of the Party – $18,500,000
3. Breaking In – $16,500,000
4. Overboard – $10,100,000
5A Quiet Place – $6,400,000
6. I Feel Pretty – $3,710,000
7. Rampage – $3,380,000
8. Tully – $2,240,000
9. Black Panther – $1,932,000
10. RBG – $1,165,000

Matthew Razak
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