Latest Captain America: Civil War TV spot has an eensy-weensy bit of new Spider-Man footage


The last Captain America: Civil War trailer let the cat out of the bag: yes, Spider-Man is in the movie. The latest TV spot has just an eensy-weensy bit more of Spidey in action, doing whatever a carefully negotiated shared intellectual property can.


Give the new TV spot a watch below. (If a higher-res version of the video appears online, we’ll be sure to replace this one.)

Spider-Man in the New Captain America: Civil War TV Spot

You’ll notice all the big hype for the film in those early reviews. Disney and Marvel Studios are so confident with the quality of the movie that they’ve allowed critics and fans to review the film weeks ahead of time. The reviews have been enthusiastic overall.

Captain America: Civil War will be out next week. Check Flixist for our review next Friday.


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