Latest Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer is absolutely nuts


To be honest, Flixist has been sleeping on Huntsman: Winter’s War. It’s not hard to doubt the film given its shaky past and mediocre first outing. When a sequel was announced with everyone but Kristen Stewart attached, I had no idea what to think either. But finally sitting down with a trailer for the film completely changed my mind. 

It’s everything good about the first film (crazy visuals, gorgeous use of color, and Charlize Theron), capitalizes on Chris Hemsworth’s personality, and it’s got Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain also acting at their goofiest. This looks absolutely nuts and will be a nice, fun palette cleanser given all the bummer stuff this season. 

The Huntsman: Winter’s War hits theaters April 22nd. 

The Huntsman: Winter's War - Trailer 3 (HD)