Latest John Wick 3 trailer has more dogs, more murder


John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer – Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

The latest trailer for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (because this is a movie that needs such a hoity toity title) has dropped and shows off exactly the sort of absurd action you’d expect from a series that continues to spiral from the fallout of one man avenging his murdered dog.

Oh, and in this trailer the dogs murder back!

We get a solid look at the extended cast here, all dressed in elegant fashion and hamming out the comic book-style lines that form John Wick‘s bedrock. To see a film series so self-aware and so kickass all at once is exhilarating.

In Parabellum, Wick is up against just about everyone as he has a bounty on his head and no protection to speak of. He has to rely on old friends and his own skills to escape, survive, and fight another day. He throws like six knives into a single guy, too, so that’s cool.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum will hit theaters (not soon enough) on May 17, 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
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