Latest Nymphomanic production photo is sexy


Nymphomaniac is shaping up to be one sexy ride (hurr hurr hurr). Following the first still from the film showcasing Charlotte Gainbourg about to ride the trike with her two friends and the film’s first promotional poster, a production still was released last night.

The still (which is in the gallery below) shows the ensemble cast in some compromisingly sexy poses, including a clumsy Willem Dafoe spilling some coffee on his pants; luckily, that attractive young woman was around to help clean his pants! Also, despite earlier news that real sex would be done on camera, it turns out the use of porn doubles and camera tricks illusions will be used.

You’ve got some time to get your lotion, tissues, and manicures ready, because Nymphomaniac won’t release in the States until after Christmas at the earliest.

[via Huffington Post]