Latest Shazam! trailer shows Billy Batson as a real superhero

SHAZAM! - Official Trailer 2 - Only In Theaters April 5

Can I just say how surprised I am that Shazam! actually looks like a great movie? I’m not even saying this like I’m giving the DCEU some kind of curve where even a passable DCEU is considered good, Shazam! actually looks like a fun and unique superhero origin story. We’re shown that Billy Batson gains the power of the wizard Shazam, but he’s never told exactly what his powers are, so a lot of footage in this new trailer, as well as the previous one, shows Billy trying to figure out exactly what he can do as Shazam/Captain Marvel. Yes, I know that due to licensing reasons he’s now called Shazam while Marvel’s Captain Marvel is now called Captain Marvel, even though the DC Captain Marvel was called that for decades before the creation of Marvel’s Captain Marvel and it’s super confusing and kind of makes sense, but then you add in Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and things get so convoluted that it’s nearly impossible to follow.

Getting back on track, we see some more exploits of Shazam learning his powers, as well as a brief look at a fight between himself and his arch-nemesis, Dr. Sivanna. There’s plenty of humor strewn throughout the trailer, but none of it is ever forced. This isn’t like Aquaman’s trailers where I can tell they’re trying to be cool and funny. Shazam! just pulls that off more naturally and if this is the kind of humor and action we’re going to get from the film, sign me up. 

Shazam! releases April 5th, 2019.

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