Latest Warcraft TV spot teases dwarves, severed orc genitals, serviceable fantasy action


The previous Warcraft TV spot didn’t inspire much confidence from me, but there’s a new TV spot out. I’ll give it this much: it’s got a dwarf and someone’s nards get totally wrecked.

The simple pleasures in life, am I right?

Check out the new Warcraft TV spot below. 

Warcraft - (TV Spot 2) (HD)

You might be a fantasy film if you have blue wizard lightning.

Nick just pointed this out in our staff emails: we’ve been less than charitable to the Warcraft movie since the first trailer back in November. Admittedly, it does look pretty basic, especially since all fantasy films of the 21st century live in the shadow of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Maybe there’s something about the Warcraft movie that breaks the mold, or at least plays with the familiar tropes in a way that seems refreshing rather than redundant. Or maybe it’ll just consist of orcs getting their todgers royally decimated for two hours.

The simple pleasures in life, yeah?

Warcraft hits theaters (in the crotch with a sword) on June 10th. Let us know what you think of the TV spot in the comments.

[via /Film]

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