Latest Watchmen trailer shows a world in ruin

Watchmen | Trailer Oficial HBO

Not even mere minutes after our editorial on Joker and Watchmen goes live does HBO upload a new trailer for its Watchmen series. Giving us a quick glimpse at the cult of Rorschach, it seems as if these domestic terrorists believe they truly are the good guys here. The parallels to current day Neo-Nazis and the alt-right couldn’t be more obvious if the show beat you over the head with them, but I suppose that’s the point. You really can’t be subtle when trying to critique the current social climate.

For all intents and purposes, this does look to be shot well. The cast is also on point, with Regina King getting to don the crazy mask and likely kick some ass. I know Watchmen scribe Alan Moore isn’t too keen on this new adaptation, but it could very well shine a mirror on the radical types that exist in our nation. I’m probably being too hopeful, though.

Watchmen: Official Trailer [HBO via YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
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