Lauren Shuler Donner talks Deadpool script


So it turns out that our favorite merc with a mouth (who had his mouth surgically shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has a script out there and Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says its “really good.” Here is why you should be “pooping” your pants as if the real Deadpool just busted down your door saying “A jobs a job.” Lauren Shuler Donner has been in the seat as a Produce for ALL the X-Men movies to date.

Here is a quick refresher just in case those scars healed over when you saw X-Men: First Class was actually decent that will help you stay as worried as we are, but maybe still a little hopeful.


This film seemed amazing to people at the time as it had been years since comics had seen anything as grand as this, but when looking at the movie at a critical level, it falls short in so many areas its amazing how people thought this was a good movie, leading many a fans a year after seeing the movie to wonder what they were think. 

How does this affect Deadpool?

It shows that Fox has a bit of a bumpy time when  it comes to grasping concepts it does not understand and can’t relate to. Deadpool will not have the benefit of being the start of a franchise that can take up to 4 movies to get its bearings. It has one shot at this.

X2: X-Men United 

The peak if the X-Men trilogy. Thought to be the most interesting and well made film by critics and fans alike. At the time it was considered a good omen. Only good things to come, right guys? 

How does this affect Deadpool?

As stated above, Deadpool will not get the opportunity to benefit from trial and error. With that said, X2 was the peak of the series, and is still considered to be the peak of the Fox made movies. Which means that they did not only have four other movies to try to make something better, but that they failed to learn from this one, as well as failed to grasp what makes comic book movies something unique and speak to the audience. This alone is a huge problem when reaching out to fans for a Deadpool for a movie. 

X-Men: The Last Stand

Leaving many comic book fans to cry themselves to sleep, this was a total shill of a movie and is noted as some what of a cash grab. Poisoning many fans to the idea of Fox having control over X-Men.

How does this affect Deadpool?

Not only was this movie character breaking to their own constructs that Fox made in the first 2 movies, it was also hyped as the best in the series by Fox. It seemed that they legitimately thought this was some amazing movie. When you see any producer say “It has a really good script” it should start putting shivers down your spine. That rings even clearer when you see one of the most unrelatable but beloved characters being talked about by a producer that thought X-Men: The Last Stand had a good script.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The ultimate low point. Not only was this movie rushed and extremely sloppy, it was so bad that the higher ups finally got the message that the fans weren’t going to stand for this crap. Let me mention again that this is where they took one of the most beloved character that marvel has to date, Deadpool — known for his 4th wall breaking antics, love for chimichangas, and over the top hyper violence accompanied by the most inappropriate but hilarious one liners — AND HAD HIS MOUTH SURGICALLY SHUT. 

How does this affect Deadpool?

HE HAD HIS MOUTH SURGICALLY SHUT and Donner produced this movie! Also what was the deal with removing the eye lids? That made no sense what so ever. Also Deadpool is known for having a body that will function even without a head. There is so much wrong and damaging about what they did to Deadpool in this movie, besides all the technical issues and bad scripting. Back in my day when someone did something this stupid we would get a hose and whip them with the metal part. 

X-Men: First Class

While this is a huge upgrade from the original, it still did not take the sting out of the knowledge that this is supposed to be in the same universe that Fox originally created. At least it seems like Fox learned a thing or two from comics: retconning, a practice of “adding or altering information regarding the back story of a fictional character or world, regardless of whether the change contradicts what was said before.

How does this affect Deadpool?

Many comic fans all over the world have a strong feeling for the word retcon. It is the single thing that can save a character, or in some cases entire story lines. Retconning the entire X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is the only way that they can save face here. They learned that with X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine and might be the only slim glimmer of hope that Deadpool fans have assuming Donner keeps this track record up.

The Wolverine

The good stand alone Wolverine movie, and the only one that should be counted as cannon in this universe. Taking Wolverine’s back story and giving it an updated edge. As a huge fan of Wolverine since I was a kid, his movie helped heal the wound that X-Men Origins: Wolverine made in my heart.

How does this affect Deadpool?

This showed that there was finally someone on the team that was actually a comic fan and knew what they where doing, and had enough power to make it relatable while still fitting into Fox’s universe. I am not saying that this alone will help Deadpool in his future endeavors, considering Wolverine is a different type of niche character, but this will help on a fundamental level when the team is directed to its research materials.

While the recent films have done a great deal to improve on the past installments, is it really enough? Especially when you are going after a character who has such a hardcore fan base, does something so different, and is quite essentially the embodiment of insanity. The only way Deadpool works is at his most raw, and from what we have seen, Fox either does not want to or can’t reach that level.

I mean if this script doesn’t make at least make one reference of Deadpool watching the X-Men Origins: Wolverine and commenting about how bad it was, we already know that this movie will not work.