Layer Cake sequel is still coming Jason Statham says


When it was announced that Daniel Craig was going to play James Bond everyone basically ran to watch Layer Cake since it was the closest thing to the spy we could get. Since then Bond has had two sequels and Layer Cake has had none, despite the fact that it’s been constantly talked about and the author of the book the film is based on has written a sequel called Viva La Madness

Jason Statham says that it’s still being talked about and still happening.

“JJ Connelly’s written a great book called Viva La Madness, and we’re taking that book and doing something great with it,” Statham confirmed to Digital Spy this week. “He’s such a talented writer… the book was incredible. I loved Layer Cake and this is [if anything] better.

“The chance to work with someone of that calibre, do something back home, it’s the most exciting thing on my plate… We’re doing it next year, and it’s full steam ahead. We’re putting all the finance together, and we’re off and racing.”

Why is Statham talking about this? He’s been working on the sequel since 2013 and is set to replace Daniel Craig as the lead. Connelly is writing the screenplay, which takes place about a decade after the original film and involves Craig/Statham’s character returning to London where Mr. Mortimer attempts to get him back into crime. 

Matthew Razak
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