Le Week-End pulls on the charm and the Jeff Goldblum


I could lie to you all and say that the only reason I’m posting this trailer is because of Flixist’s deep love of all things Goldblum, but that’s not entirely true. Le Week-End looks absolutely charming. One of those movies where you leave the theater reaffirmed about life, love and how magical Paris is. According to those who have seen it at festivals (like our own Alec Kubas-Meyer) that does seem to be the case.

The movie stars Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan on a second honeymoon to Paris where what appears to be a very honest take on rekindling love occurs. Then Jeff Goldblum shows up and it just gets more awesome because he is the Goldblum. I’m sure the film will charm the socks off of everyone, but I think we all know that the real reason it will be so good is because of Goldblum. We’ll get a chance to see his holiness on film once again in the UK on Oct. 11 and the US in February. 

Matthew Razak
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