League of Legends is getting its own animated series

Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

Riot Games, developer behind the ridiculously popular MOBA League of Legends, has announced that it’s smash-hit game will be getting an animated series soon. Titled Arcane, news broke about the series during a Livestream event celebrating League’s 10th anniversary. Not much information was given apart from a trailer and short synopsis.

“From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the origins of two iconic League champions – and the power that will tear them apart,” reads the description. That likely puts this squarely in the realm of prequel territory, though I’m sure fans will be eager to learn anything about their favorite game.

There’s no planned release date as of yet.

New League of Legends Animated Series Announced [ComicBook]

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