Lebowski cast reunion video


[Update: Well it happened, and it was amazing. Moderating an actual Q&A with the cast of The Big Lebowski proved nearly impossible for the guy charged with it. The actors could barely even hear each other, let alone the interviewer, who seemed unprepared for just how crazy the ultimate Lebowski Fest would be. I had a blast watching stream live, wishing I had traveled to New York to experience it for myself. My header image has been replaced with a video from the main event so take a gander, dude.]

The funniest movie ever made, The Big Lebowski, was not a success, initially. Critical reception was tepid and people just didn’t show up. It’s hard to imagine why. Regardless of it being a very different movie than Fargo, it still immediately followed that Academy Award winning film. But Lebowski found its legs over time, becoming a massive cult favorite that grew into a full born festival, known as Lebowski Fest. Tribute books were published, as well of a series of essays under the collective title “A Year in Lebowski Studies.” Even a store exists in Greenwich Village called The Little Lebowski, stocking Dude paraphernalia.

The current Lebowski Fest in NYC is doing something never before accomplished to my knowledge. Tonight, the entire primary cast will assemble on stage for a moderated discussion, spare Tara Reid, who’s been hard at work on a sequel. The event features beer, bowling, and a band performance led by none other than The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges.

Sadly, I won’t be on scene to celebrate the release of Jeff’s new album (probably to get him to show up) and the Blu-ray release of The Big Lebowski. I won’t even buy that Blu-ray, still pissed that the Coens refuse to provide a commentary track. At 6:30pm EST a pre-show begins, hosted by Jeff Dowd, on whom The Dude was loosely based, with the cast taking the stage at 8.