Lee Unkrich’s next Pixar movie about Dia de los Muertos


Taking a brief hiatus after Toy Story 3, director Lee Unkrich has announced his next project for Pixar: a movie about Dia de los Muertos. Unkrich says on his Twitter that the movie will be set in the world of the Day of the Dead, so I imagine the locale will be a town full of sugar skull people. Games have tried out elements of this property before with success, but blockbuster animation isn’t exactly known for its association with Mexican holidays, so this will be mostly untrod ground for Pixar.

While Dia de los Muertos has been making itself known to the larger American populace for years, the holiday is still a celebration of the dead, and there is some worry that the subject might not be treated with all the respect it deserves. Given Unkrich’s work, though, I have faith that he’ll do plenty of research to make sure this doesn’t end as a PR nightmare.

[Via /Film]