Legend, Jane Got a Gun, and London Has Fallen get release date changes


For those of us excited to see Legend (most of us) and London Has Fallen (none of us) there’s some sad news. The film’s have had their release dates changed.

London Has Fallen moved from January 22, 2016 to March 4. The Gerald Butler action film had a very quick turn around after the surprise success of Olympus Has Fallen so it makes sense that the movie maybe needed some more time, especially in terms of promotion. 

Legend, the Tom Hardy led (twice over) gangster film, is a bit odder. The film will move from October 2nd to a limited release on November 20th. This ones a bit harder to figure out, but most likely the mixed reviews from TIFF and the fact that The Martian is now looking to be a mega hit meant that the film wanted to get a bit more time away. A Thanksgiving release might also give it a higher chance at awards season, which it was clearly always striving for. 

Finally, Jane Got a Gun, the Natalie Portman western that’s been sitting around forever, won’t be landing in time for awards. No date has been set yet, but it doesn’t appear we’ll be seeing it until 2016. That’s too bad as the troubled film sounds like it may be something special. 

Matthew Razak
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