Legend of Conan pushes forward with screenwriter


There’s been little movement on The Legend of Conan since we all heard, and we’re slightly bemused by the fact, that Arnold Schwarzenegger was returning to the role that made him famous.  Now the movie finally has a screenwriter in the form of Andrea Berloff, who wrote Word Trade Center. The story will involve Conan trying to stay king and what the third act of a life that involved nothing but crushing his enemies and seeing the lamentation of their women is like.

Hopefully this relaunch will be a bit more successful than the last attempt, which sadly faltered due to it not being very good. It should be better since the reason the franchise is getting another chance is because Chris Morgan, the scribe/producer who created the Fast & Furious films, is all about it and that guy knows how to make dumb movies work really well. It’s also going to have more in common with the original’s no holds-barred violence and tone, though word is it will be a bit more grounded.

Just a hint: Paul Verhoeven could really help with that.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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