Legendary Pictures signs a deal with NBC Universal


Legendary Pictures has left Warner Bros (their deal produced such hits as The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and The Hangover trilogy) since their deal expired last June. There was an attempt to re-negotiate, but that fell through. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Pictures has now found a new home with NBC Universal. 

Out of this deal are a few important details. Legendary will put more money into each of their films (for example, they’re backing 75 percent of Pacific Rim), will expand into television, Legendary and Warner Bros will still work together to promote the upcoming Godzilla, and Legendary still plans to release films on World of Warcraft, Hot Wheels, Warren Ellis’s Gravel and Mass Effect. 

I don’t completely understand business stuff like this, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Legendary. With Pacific Rim‘s future box office performance looking as uncertain as it does (and with Guillermo Del Toro possibly getting to do more things), Legendary Pictures’ future is a little more set in stone. How this affects Warner Bros’ DC Comics films is another story. Looks like they need a new backer. 

[via THR]