Legendary rebooting King Kong with ‘Skull Island’ in 2016


When Legendary Pictures brought back Godzilla, one of my first thoughts was “Where the hell is King Kong?” Now I finally have an answer. Although King Kong took a shot at a reboot a few years back with Peter Jackson, it focused more on sentimental stuff than I would’ve liked. While I respect it for doing a lot of things well, I really just wanted to see King Kong be more of a badass. 

Luckily, I’ll get my chance. During a Comic-Con panel last weekend, Legendary confirmed they’re working on a King Kong reboot titled Skull Island. There are no other details as of yet (but there was a brief teaser for those in attendance), and the film is scheduled to release November 4th, 2016. I hope this means we’re that much closer to another King Kong vs. Godzilla film. 

[via Collider]