Legendary wants to bring Pokemon Go to the big screen


Pokémon Go (aka the latest plot for global domination by Skynet and The Illuminati) has taken people by storm. Everyone’s getting out and walking around to catch ’em all, which has also led to finding dead bodies, getting robbed, paying people on Craigslist to be Pokemon trainers for $20 an hour, and trying to catch these adorable little guys at the Holocaust Museum and the WTC 9/11 Memorial.


It should come as no surprise, then, that someone’s trying to turn the app/augmented reality game into a movie. Legendary Pictures has darted to the front in making a live-action big screen Pokémon film. They’ve been at it for some time, though Deadline indicates that the company is getting closer to cutting a deal. Legendary is the same company behind the Duncan Jones Warcraft movie from earlier this year.

I assume that the Pokémon movie will be about trainers catching monsters and stuff. Instead, I sort of want the film to be Pokémon Go-centric, focusing on a bunch of people on their mobile phones running around their neighborhood and ruining family photos, picnics, weddings, funerals, dog shows, golf tournaments, brain surgeries, the World Series, and airport security while playing the game.

Pokémon Go could also be done as a remake of the early Tom Hanks made-for-TV movie Mazes and Monsters, which was all about the evils of Dungeons & Dragons.

Mazes and Monsters - Tom Hanks Freaks Out


What would you like to see in a live-action Pokémon or Pokémon Go movie? Are you too busy playing the game to read this? If that’s the case, why did I write that sentence?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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