LEGO is officially going Back to the Future


Back during Christmastime 2012, Thor brought us news about a LEGO Back to the Future project that was featured on LEGO CUUSO. Receiving enough votes to be reviewed by LEGO (and really, who ever doubted it wouldn’t in the first place?), the Back to the Future set has been officially accepted and will be hitting UK stores next month.

As you can see in the header (and in a better scan below the jump), the final design of the DeLorean is a bit different than the version in the CUUSO project, but still looks badass. According to Brick News, who obviously broke the news, the set will not only come with Doc Brown and Marty McFly LEGO guys, but enough pieces to create the three different DeLorean variations seen in the film version.

I’m going to buy this, get the LEGO Ninja Turtles set, then re-enact Turtles in Time. Thank you, LEGO, for allowing this to happen.

[/Film, via Brick News]