The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is a time traveling romp through nostalgia


With 2020 slowly crawling towards its conclusion, Disney has finally given us a look at the upcoming Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and…wow. Just…wow. I’m not really sure what to say. If you were upset at how hard the sequel trilogy went with reminding you of the originals, this special is sure to rub you the wrong way.

We finally have a pretty concrete idea of what the plot will be beyond “Star Wars, but a holiday special.” Taking some cues from the original 1978 special, everyone in the galaxy (or rather, everyone important) is gathering to celebrate “Life Day” on Chewbacca’s home planet. Despite having clear directions there, Rey messes something up and opens a time portal that sucks her back into the past of Star Wars.

I highly doubt any of this is canon, but I never believed this would be. It’s mostly a gimmick to get one last go with these characters before another trilogy kicks off and we get think pieces about how The Last Jedi wasn’t actually that bad after all. I’m mostly just surprised at how many damn references are contained in this less than two-minute-long teaser.

There’s also something off with the performances, though maybe that is just the disconnect I have with seeing Lego characters speaking. I honestly don’t know what to say about¬†the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, but it’s coming whether we want it or not.

Mark November 17 off on your calendars, because that will be the day you’ll hear the heads of millions of nerds explode in rage.

Source: YouTube

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