Len Wiseman confirms three-breasted babe for Total Recall


This is a moment that has been fantasized about for over, like, six months now… which, in cinema journalism time, is like five years. It has come to our attention that the three-breasted babe from the original Total Recall… is BACK for the remake (with another actress, probably. Can’t imagine what age has done to those original bad boys). Len Wiseman, the film’s director, himself confirms this. It is indisputable evidence and no-take-backsies allowed.

In the interview above, many tidbits have been offered by Wiseman. Among the tidbits talked about are the development of large action sequences, such as an involved hovercraft chase that took 15 days to shoot, the use of one-liners in some form or another (hold the cheese… add the mayo?) as well as many easter eggs that no doubt poke fun/pay tribute to the original. Overall, I’m very pleased with the direction this movie is headed, which seems to be a very cool, very sleek and very respectful update to a classic sci-fi film.

Head on over to Collider to see the interview overview (there’s a nice ring to that) broken down real simple-like.

[Via Collider]