Len Wiseman gives commentary for Total Recall trailer


First we brought you the trailer for the trailer for Total Recall. Then we brought you the actual trailer for Total Recall. Now, in the grand spirit of treating a two-and-half minute trailer like it’s a movie, we bring you the director’s audio commentary for the trailer for Total Recall.

Let’s forget the fact that some of the commentary is actually slightly interesting for a moment and ask ourselves an important question: WHAT IS GOING ON!? What kind of world do we live in where a trailer gets as much hype as the film itself? It’s just over two minutes long; I don’t need to know what the director was thinking for every cut.

Have I gone insane? Am I in some world where director’s commentaries on trailers makes sense? Why are there so many voices in my head? Kill them all. Must kill them all.

Matthew Razak
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