Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance man…of action!


So Universal has picked up a spec script about Leonardo da Vinci written by Jonny Kurzman… an action-adventure movie about young da Vinci trying to stop the Dark Ages from retaking Renaissance Europe.

You’re probably giggling right now, and with good reason. Yeah, this could be awesome. Da Vinci as the forefather of Doc Savage, Batman, and Indiana Jones. Adventure has a motto, and its motto is “Veni! Vidi! Da Vinci!”

So long as they embrace the absurdity of the conceit and treat history like the sandbox of some imaginative six year old, the possibilities are endless. Da Vinci wielding katanas. Da Vinci making the first pizza. Da Vinci doing karate (which he developed through drawing or something). Da Vinci inventing rock and roll. Da Vinci making anachronistic weaponry like submachine guns and lightsabers. Da Vinci telling a guy to eat lead, shooting him in the face, and then adding in an Austrian accent, “Looks like that was your last supper.”

If this becomes a hit, we’ll likely see movies about Michelangelo, Donatello, and… Botticelli.

[Via Collider]

Hubert Vigilla
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