Let It Go will be at the Oscars


So I wasn’t the only person who thought Frozen got robbed at the Golden Globes, right? Look, U2 is fine, I like a couple of their songs, but they have to be the least interesting popular band out there. Even Nickelback is interestingly bad, U2’s music just tends to blend together after a while.


A while back, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences tapped Pharrell Williams to perform ‘Happy’ from Despicable Me 2 at the Oscars. But, it would appear the Academy is not satiated with one great song from a well-recieved animated movie.

ABC announced that Idina Menzel will also be performing ‘Let It Go’, which, yeah, of course. As much as I genuinely enjoy ‘Happy’, I think ‘Let It Go’ should win.

I’m also kind of curious to see what’s next after the Frozen victory tour. At what point does the House of Mouse oversaturate the market and burn (ha) the movie’s good will? And then, when that inevitably happens, what’s next?

[Via: Collider]