Liam Hemsworth is a killer, man in trailer for Killerman


KILLERMAN - Official Green Band Trailer

Got to be honest–I’m not feeling this trailer for Killerman.

Hemsworth has some emotional intensity that I like, but as a whole I’m not sure I buy him as a hardened criminal. The worst bit, though, is the amnesia angle that sees Hemsworth as a money launderer trying to figure out where millions in stolen cash came from while facing off against violent cops and crooks. Memory loss is such a terrible plot convenience that rarely makes for an interesting story. On top of that, the crooked cops and stolen money is all well-worn, and we don’t get to see enough action to get a feeling for how much that will be able to carry the film. There’s just nothing new or exciting to see here.

If Liam Hemsworth’s name wasn’t attached to this, I don’t know if Killerman would be so much as a blip on anyone’s radar. This is a shame, since it will be coming to Fantasia’s great-looking lineup.

After its festival debut, Killerman will reach theaters on August 30, 2019. Who knows? Maybe the good stuff is waiting for a red band trailer.

Kyle Yadlosky
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