Liam Neeson exudes badassery in first Taken 2 images


Liam Neeson is back for Taken 2: The Takening, and here’s your first look at him demonstrating his mad skillz. Set a year and a half after the first film, Neeson explained the set up of the sequel to Entertainment Weekly:

I’ve taken a job over in Istanbul looking after a sheik who is there, and afterward I discover that my wife’s going through a very bad time with her new husband. So I suggest she and my daughter come over for a few days and hang out with me in this amazing city. And then… [laughs] all this s**t happens, of course.

One of the s**t things that happens involves the vengeful father of one of the human traffickers who got killed in the first film. It’s a nice inversion that should be interesting to see unfold. No doubt the vengeful father also has a pet wolf that is the daughter of one of the wolves from The Grey.

Taken 2 comes out October 5th. Get ready for joint snaps, testicle-rupturing kicks, throat chops, and hammer blows from a large Irishman’s closed fist by viewing the images in the gallery.

[Entertainment Weekly via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla
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