Liam Neeson is on a train in first The Commuter trailer


Liam Neeson in a pickle with some evil bad guys after him. This is basically a genre unto itself, and Neeson is happy to scoop up the money and spit them out it seems. The next installment is The Commuter, which is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who has directed three of these Neeson thrillers already. You can check out the trailer now and see how a regular, everyday guy gets embroiled in some weird crime/conspiracy thing on while on a train.

This throws back a bit to the sadly flawed Non-Stop, which Collet-Serra also directed, in which Neeson is stuck on a plane and must solve a puzzling mystery. Maybe they’re trying to work out some of the issues that movie had, like a completely disjointed third act. If so that’s not a bad thing at all. One thing these two have done well is deliver consistency. The pair might not be giving us the next Taken, but the movies are decent enough for the most part and The Commuter looks no different. 

Matthew Razak
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