Liam Neeson returning for Taken 3 because money


Despite admitting himself that the Taken franchise has been taken too far, Liam Neeson is gearing up for Taken 3 (other probable titles: Tak3n, The Wacky Misadventures of Taken) because he wants to take Fox’s money. Deadline reports that Neeson is allegedly earning at least $20 million for his third go around as the man with a set of skills no one else apparently has at the age of eighty. 

If Taken 3 is a surprise to you, it really shouldn’t be. The script for the film went into production right after Taken 2: Son of Taken performed well in the box office despite not being stellar. Expect Fox to pull a third film out of nothing. As suggested by SirCacophony months ago, Neeson should really just do the taking: 

“Whoever you are, I will take you.”

“Good lu–” Taken breaks into the room and takes him.

If I can’t have that, maybe just do the film with a real dad? Expect more news in the coming months.

[via Deadline]