Lindsay Lohan signs on for Scary Movie 5, nobody cares


Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was on top of the world. Then, she must’ve violated a pact with some elder god long forgotten, because she shame spiraled harder than Tom Sizemore. Disappointing endeavors in nude photography weren’t even enough to get her back on top, and her shot at making a comeback with the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno was botched when she was dropped in favor of the oh-so-okay-with-nudity Malin Ackerman due to Lohan’ being impossible to insure.

Maybe, just maybeThe Canyons will be Lohan’s shot at a comeback, but in the meantime a girl’s gotta eat so get ready to see Lindsay Lohan act her way out of a paper bag in Scary Movie 5, coming at you most likely in terrible 3D this TBA!

Ugh. Let’s just build a time machine and pluck the Lohan we all know and love from Mean Girls and bring her to 2012. Is this even news? Do any of you care about LiLo, or a fifth Scary Movie for that matter? Please sound off in the comments.

I just want to love you again, Lindsay. I just want to love you again.

[Via Cinema Blend]