Lionsgate CEO says more Twilight, Hunger Games coming soon


Jon Feltheimer, formerly known as the CEO of Lionsgate, now known as the man who made teenage dreams come true, told Wall Street investors that there is no way his studio won’t make more Twilight movies about angsty teenage vampires and their mewling human crushes or about dystopian entertainment Hunger Games movies that aren’t as good as The Running Man. You know, if author/creators Stephanie Meyer and Suzanne Collins are into it. And, if fellow author J.K. Rowling’s propensity for making movies based off nonexistent books is any indicator [hint: it is], they will be because, survey says: MONEY!

This is the Hollywood sequel Shitstorm-slash-Money-Train [Woody Harrelson & Wesley Snipes not included] and you are cordially invited to the show. And its sequel. And its spinoff. And the spinoffs sequel. You get the idea. If there’s any money to be made, people will make it. Wise movie-going audiences don’t seem to exist yet, and thus, there is plenty of money to be made. It’s why we have 14 TRANSFORMERS MOVIES IN THE WORKS. A Bumblebee spinoff? *Herby rolls over in his compact grave*

If you recall Suicide Squad, and chances are you shouldn’t [the one time I actually almost left a theater before a movie ended], you probably don’t remember just how awful it was. Like, if you saw it, your brain should have repressed the memories to retain its sanity. How can that make hundreds of millions of dollars? *Brain explodes* Suicide Squad‘s sequel is already in development. And both Twilight, as much as I hate to admit, and The Hunger Games are far superior properties: of course the franchise owner will mine these properties until their mine shafts collapse killing everyone inside. It’s nature. Or corporate greed. Whichever. Examine this: so-called relaunchesremakes, and reboots only need a cooling off period of several years, sometimes as few as 2. Audiences refresh that quickly, or their memories are that bad. Each franchise could potentially have new iterations in less than a decade.

Wait for the inevitable crossover, Katniss Everdeen: Vampire Slayer.



[Via Variety]