Lionsgate in negotiations with Dean Israelite to direct Power Rangers


The world is unfortunately not ready for my man Joseph Kahn, relegated to directing ridiculous viral parodies and the odd music video, when if his prior efforts clearly prove the man is a genius, but alas. A real, feature length Power Rangers movie is heading into production, and somebody needs to direct it. The guy Lionsgate want? Dean Isrealite, director of Project Almanac.

I didn’t see Project Almanac, because, well, it looked like trash and I wanted to play Zelda, but Dean’s doing well for himself off the back of it, with several studios trying to nab him to direct a tentpole feature. But the young man (it has been rumoured he is in fact a teenager) doesn’t play by the rules (possibly, because of his attitude), and has been taking his sweet time choosing his next move. 

Is he to be the director of Power Rangers? What will the suits look like? Does he think RPM is the best season too? Unfortunately, only one of these questions will be answered in the near future, despite my desperate urge to start talking about RPM whenever any human being brings up the ol’ Rangers. It’s very good, you guys.

[via The Wrap]