Lionsgate moving forward with Hunger Games prequel film


This one has certainly been a long time coming. Last year, Lionsgate began eyeing a potential Hunger Games prequel film after original author Suzanne Collins announced she was writing a new novel. Going by the name The Ballad of Songbirds and Snake, Lionsgate wanted to quickly secure rights so that it could exclusively adapt this never ending series of kids killing kids. All of that prodding has paid off as the production company has announced a new film is indeed coming.

Still untitled (though likely going with the novel’s name), the film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, have a screenplay written by Michael Arndt, and be produced by Nina Jacobson. If those names sound familiar, it’s because they were involved in the previous four films. This will have a layer of authenticity that most post-release prequels lack.

Joe Drake, chairman of Lionsgate, said to press, “Suzanne’s new book has been worth the wait. It offers everything fans could hope for and expect from The Hunger Games while also breaking new ground and introducing an entirely new canvas of characters.” To that end, this prequel focuses on events 17 years before the original film, detailing how Coriolanus Snow became the terrible leader we all know and hate.

We can probably expect to see this prequel in 2022 since I really doubt any filming will be taking place this year. A cast hasn’t even been announced, so that process needs to be completed first.

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