Listen all of y’all it’s the second trailer for Sabotage


End of Watch was my favorite film of 2012. This second trailer for David Ayer’s Sabotage (formerly titled Ten reflecting the ten million stolen from their drug bust), however, doesn’t look like the excellent follow up I was hoping for. David Ayer is a fine writer, but he truly shines in small and intimate movies. Go back to his two big films Training Day and End of Watch, and you’ll see what I mean. 

The biggest moment in those two movies ends up getting someone killed. But in this trailer for Sabotage, which is already turning into a Schwarzenegger movie, has explosions and gunshots out the wazoo. I hope there’re deeper things going on here rather than a Schwarzenegger saving his family movie. Too many of those already exist. Sabotage is a mirage April 11th next year. 

[via Yahoo]