Listen to all of the Flixist Batcasts in time for DKR!


Man, The Dark Knight Rises comes out this Friday. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since The Dark Knight. This is an exciting time for a Batfan. As such, I want to point you towards a podcast that’s been going on within the Flixist Community Blogs since the beginning of the year. Flixist-lover Xzyliac has been running the Flixist Batcast, a series of commentary tracks on each important Batfilm and also Halle Berry’s Catwoman, along with myself, Max, community member Kraid, and a smattering of other special guests from around the Dtoid and Flixist communities. Tonight, we’re going to record the final community Batcast for The Dark Knight, and it’s all leading up to next week’s Flixist Movie Club/Batcast Mashup: The Dark Knight Risescast. 

So head here for all the links to each Batcast. They don’t have titles in the filenames, but each one has the proper titles in the ID3 tags, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’s who. Remember, each track should be pared up with its corresponding Batfilm, and we give you ample notice as to the correct moments to start your movie to sync up with us.

See you soon for The Dark Knight‘s Batcast and for next week’s Dark Knight Risescast!