Listen to The Flixist Show, win a Jurassic Park gift set!


We have a winner! Congrats to Kidplus/@BrianBroadus! Here’s his winning entry!

You know you want this sweet copy of the Jurassic Park trilogy on blu-ray. It’s the gift set one, to boot, the rad one in the picture with the T-Rex statue. Hell, even if you don’t have a blu-ray player yet, this thing looks rad on a shelf. Still want to watch the movies? No problem! They also come with digital copies of all three movies! So you too can download the first two, think about downloading the third, and then do something better with your time! Sadly, this is a Region 1 copy of the trilogy, so we will be limiting the contest to the US. As much as I’d like to include our European brethren, I’ve not got the money for shipping, and the discs won’t work for you without a region-free player.

We’re only going to have ONE lucky winner for this set, I’m afraid. To learn how to win this awesome set, you need to listen to recent episodes of The Flixist Show, Flixist’s ridiculous podcast about movies. There, my fellow hosts and I will explain precisely what you need to do to enter this awesome contest.

Since you’re probably simply boiling over with anticipation, here’s a secondary contest, which you can win right here. We want to know what your favorite dinosaur movie is. Let me know what it is, in the comments, and you’ll win that most precious jewel of all: attention from Flixist’s handsome and sexy editors.