Listen to three selections from the John Carter score


We’re about six weeks away from the March 9th release of John Carter. The trailer for John Carter looked very promising, giving a nice taste of the action out on Barsoom. Recently three full pieces from the film’s score made it online, and they’re pretty damn great.

John Carter‘s score is by Michael Giacchino, whose extensive composer credits include Super 8, the Star Trek reboot, Up, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille. The selections — “John Carter’s Theme,” “Dejah’s Theme,” and “Pursuit of Dejah” — sort of feel John Williams-y in a good way. There are strong melodies there and in the case of “Pursuit of Dejah,” there’s a sense of danger interspersed with daring.

Check out the three pieces by Giacchino after the cut.

[Via The Playlist]

John Carter’s Theme

John Carter's Theme (Michael Giacchino)

Dejah’s Theme

Dejah's Theme (Michael Giacchino)

Pursuit of Dejah

05 - Sab Than Pursues the Princess ("John Carter" OST)

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